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- Ivywest's Protective Time Capsule -

- All About Amber -

Registered Name:  Ivywest's Protective Time Capsule

Call Name:  Amber
Birthdate:  December 27, 2020
Weight:  55 pounds
Registration:  American Kennel Club
Hip Clearance:  OFA - GR-143299G33F-C-VPI - “Good”
Elbow Clearance:  OFA-GR-EL63037F33-C-VPI - “Normal”
Heart Clearance: OFA - GR-BCA8494/33F/P-VPI - “Clear”

prcd-PRA status:  Embark Clear

PRA1 status:  Embark Clear

PRA2 status:  Embark Clear

Ichthyosis status:  Embark Clear

DM status:  Embark Clear

NCL status:  Embark Clear

CMS status:  Embark Clear

Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa:  Embark Clear

Muscular Dystrophy:  Embark Clear

Osteogenesis Imprefecta:  Embark Clear

Retina Dysplasia and/or Optic Nerve Hypoplasia:  Embark Clear


Pedigree Information:

Amber's Story:

Amber is a beautiful darker golden.  She is a super sweet and calm and has great manners.  When she is out and about she always sticks right by our side when it's just her with us.  When other pups join us she is loves to romp and play and she gets along well with everyone...animals and people alike.  She tends to fall in the middle of the pack, not too submissive and not too dominant.  She is just easy to please!  
Amber's sire (father) is Merlin, who is the result of three generations of ladies here at Ivywest (Lady -> Sunny -> Maybelle -> Merlin) Amber looks like her father and they have a lot in common with how well they respond to training and how they stick right with us on walks.  Amber's dam (mother) is Ivy, who we purchased from a breeder with over 40 years of experience.  So, Amber comes from a long line of very healthy, wonderful Goldens. 

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