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- All About Charm -

Registered Name:  Ivywest's Lucky Charm

Call Name:  Charmander/ Charm
Birthdate:  June 22, 2019
Weight:  60 pounds
Registration:  American Kennel Club
Hip Clearance:  OFA - GR-134067G24F-VPI
Elbow Clearance:  OFA - GR-EL53691F24-VPI
Heart Clearance: OFA - GR-BCA2105/24F/P-VPI

Pedigree Information:

Charmander's Story:

Charm is the product of two of our very first Goldens, Trigger and Lucky.  She was named partly after her mother, Lucky - she's Lucky's Charm :) - and partly from my boy's favorite character in a show they were watching when Charm was born..."Charmander".  She is a super sweet blond girl.  She is quite a throat talker, just like her momma!  She submits with joy....laying for belly rubs, when she's super excited to see you.  Charm is super smart and a quick learner....which enabled her to learn to climb fences!!  She was a bit of an escape artist as a puppy, which kept us entertained!  But ultimately she really wants to please her humans so she learned to stay put when she was told.  Charmander is our sweet, wiggly tush Golden girl!

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