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- All About Carmen -

Registered Name:  Ivywest's Where in the World

Call Name:  Carmen
Birthdate:  November 18, 2020
Weight:  55 pounds
Registration:  American Kennel Club
Hip Clearance:  OFA - GR-139711E25F-C-VPI (Excellent)
Elbow Clearance:  OFA - GR-EL59341F25-C-VPI (Normal)
Heart Clearance: OFA - GR-BCA6165/25F/P-VPI (Normal

prcd-PRA status:  Embark Clear

PRA1 status:  Embark Clear

PRA2 status:  Embark Clear

Ichthyosis status:  Embark Carrier

DM status:  Embark Clear

NCL status:  Embark Clear

CMS status:  Embark Clear

Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa:  Embark Clear

Muscular Dystrophy:  Embark Clear

Osteogenesis Imprefecta:  Embark Clear

Retina Dysplasia and/or Optic Nerve Hypoplasia:  Embark Clear

Pedigree Information:

Carmen's Story:

Carmen LOVES her people!  She is always so eager for her pets and belly rubs.  She is super excited when you get home or when she knows you are coming to spend time with her, but as soon as she greets you with her enthusiasm she settles in and is happy to just warm your feet and look at you, smiling :)!  She is very curious and likes to check on everything in her environment first thing every morning.  She is alert and playful.  She is a beautiful light golden with dark features and a nice straight coat that resists tangles.  We love playtime with Carmen!

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