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- Scess' Rhythm of Life of Ivywest -
" LUNA "

- All About Luna -

Registered Name:  Scess' Rhythm of Life of Ivywest

Call Name:  Luna
Birthdate:  September 24, 2018
Weight:  65 pounds
Registration:  American Kennel Club
Hip Clearance:  OFA - GR-131173G25F-VPI - "Good"
Elbow Clearance:  OFA - GR-EL50759F25-VPI - "Normal"
Heart Clearance: OFA - GR-CA36727/25F/P-VPI "Normal/Clear"

Pedigree Information:

Luna''s Story:

Luna LOVES her humans!  Sometime I wonder if she thinks she is a human!  She lives to be at your side...or in your face :).  She tries to stand on her back legs and be tall like a human all while trying hard not to put her paws on you, but with little success sometimes!  She can be hilarious.  I was lucky enough to get Luna and her sister, Stella, from a great breeder in Charlotte, NC.  Raising the sisters together was a joy!  Typically I need to be very careful when raising two puppies that I spend one on one time with each to ensure they bond to humans as much as or more than each other.  Both of these girls just adore humans and this was never an issue!  They love each other and other dogs too, but the touch of a human is their greatest desire!  Luna likes to be dominant with other dogs, but not in an aggressive way, she just makes it know she's queen bee.  Like her sister, she loves brushing and belly rubs and she has never met a stranger.

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