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Begin preparing for your new arrival!  Here I provide a detailed list of items you may want to purchase in advance of your puppy coming home.

Your Vet is your partner when it comes to the health care of your companion.  It is important to put thought into who your Veterinarian will be and what kind of vet care you expect.

Your puppy/dog’s diet is very important to maintain good health. It is very important for you to choose a dog food that has high quality ingredients.  Learn how to choose the best food!

Well-rounded, healthy pups need a well-rounded , healthy diet and dry kibble is not enough.  Learn about the benefits of these important supplements.

Training is essential and it begins the moment you pick your puppy up.  Start preparing today to guarantee success.

It is our hope that we never have to deal with canine diseases such as cancer or hip dysplasia.  However, knowing the prevalence of these health problems makes it our responsibility to learn more and do whatever we can to prevent them.

Diseases and reconsidering conventional - even indoctrinated - 'wisdom' can be really difficult to talk about.  Desexing dogs and cats has become something we don’t think twice about, but should we?

Proper puppy socialization is essential to raising a happy and well-balanced dog.  This socialization must happen before your puppy is 16 weeks old.

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