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- What you get when you take home an Ivywest Puppy - 

Ivywest Goldens are healthy, bred with purpose, and well socialized.  Golden Retrievers are renowned as the perfect family dog because of their gentle temperament and loving devotion.  Our greatest desire is create a wonderful Golden puppy with the best health and temperament for your family.  Here is what you can expect from us when you decide to adopt an Ivywest Golden:


- Choosing a breeder is an important step of the process.  We encourage communication, not only when we are raising your puppy initially, but throughout the life of your dog and beyond.  We are here to answer any questions you may have, to share photos and updates with, and to help you with any health or behavioral issues you may encounter along the way... via phone, email, text, or Facebook!  There is no question or comment too small!


- During the pregnancy, whelping, and early weeks of your puppy's life we update our Facebook and Instagram accounts with photos for you.  We know it can be hard to wait and we want you to feel involved in the early days of your puppy's life!  This is a special time to experience and we really enjoy sharing this early growth period.


- We call each puppy by a color (we paint a dot on their rump to coordinate) once they are born in order to differentiate and track progress.  This way you are able to follow specific puppies along the way.

- Once your puppy has been born I provide you access to lots of educational information to help you prepare for your new family member; everything from "how to prepare" to "how you can help prevent canine diseases".


- New puppy owners choose their puppy in the order they appear on the waiting list.  However, we like to work closely with each client to help match them to the perfect puppy for their family.  We do a variety of temperament testing to help us help you pick the perfect puppy, this is why we wait until the puppies are eight weeks old to pick your puppy.


- When you take your puppy home there is always an adjustment period.  You will be figuring out your puppy and your puppy will be figuring you and the new expectations out.  We are always available for help with this transition.  We have been through it many times and are here to offer advice if it is asked for.


- All puppies come with American Kennel Club registration papers and are pure bred.


- All puppies are microchipped before going home to ensure permanent identification of your dog.


- All puppies are dewormed 3 times, given their first vaccinations, and given a thorough physical exam by our Veterinarian.


- All puppies go home with a standard two year health guarantee against all life altering genetic diseases.


- All puppies are well socialized with people and other dogs before leaving Ivywest.

- All puppies have been working on potty training since they were 3 weeks old and with consistent opportunity and clear expectations your puppy will transition to house training very smoothly.


- Puppies have been given lots of outside time to run, explore, and acclimate to outdoor noises.  Puppies also begin to prefer and understand that going to the bathroom outdoors is better!

- We (myself, my husband, my two boys, our extended family, and our canine family) love each and every puppy as if it were our own.  We ensure each puppy gets one on one time and equal access to all opportunities - food, fun, play, etc.


- Each puppy goes home with a puppy folder. This folder includes AKC limited registration papers, a signed agreement, microchip registration information, a Health Record, transition information including feeding amounts and times, as well as a collection of new puppy owner information.

- Our contact doesn't have to end once you take your puppy home!  I love to keep in touch via email, Facebook, and Instagram.  It is also fun to share growth and development with littermates through Facebook.  I am always available for questions as well.

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