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- Frequently Asked Questions -

How much does an Ivywest Golden Retriever puppy cost? $2000.00

Where are you located? We live 15 minutes West of Charlottesville, Virginia

Are the puppies raised in your home? Yes, born and raised.  We have a special rooms devoted to puppies that are hard to stay out of when we have a litter!  Not only are the puppies close to us, but this also allows them to be accustomed to all of the noises in a busy household.

Do all of your sires and dams have the appropriate health clearances?  Yes!  We will provide you with a copy of all of these clearances when you purchase a puppy from us.  You can also find the clearances on each dog's page.

Do you microchip your puppies?  Yes.  We microchip the puppies before they go home.  This is a permanent way of identifying your dog.

Are your litters of puppies checked by a Veterinarian? Yes.  We take all of our litters to our Vet around 6-7 weeks of age.  They are given a thorough physical check and given their first round of vaccinations.  Every puppies is sent home with a completed health record.

Do you belong to any clubs?  Yes.  We are members of the American Kennel Club and the Golden Retriever Club of America. 

Do you sell puppies with full registration, i.e. for breeding purposes?  No.

Are the puppies socialized with other dogs and children?  Yes.  Once the puppies are old enough they are introduced to other dogs in our home and throughout their entire stay here they visit with our two young boys daily!

What supplies do we need to be prepared for our new puppy? Food and water bowls, a small collar and lightweight leash, bedding, treats, food, large metal crate with divider.

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