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- All About Trigger -

Registered Name:  Ivywest Locked and Loaded
Call Name:  Trigger
Birthdate:  October 17, 2013
Weight:  70 pounds
Registration:  American Kennel Club
Hip Clearance:  OFA - Good GR-116248G30M-VPI
                             PennHIP- #912556 L.48 & R.53
Elbow Clearance:  OFA - Normal GR-EL36234M30-VPI
Heart Clearance: OFA - Normal
Eye Clearance: OFA - Normal

DNA Profile: # C779966
Pedigree Information:


Trigger's Story:

Trigger is the biggest sweetie of all of my Goldens.  He is extraordinarily obedient and aims to please your every whim!  He grew up along with two females (Ivy and Lucky) who were the same age as he, but not related.  He learned from an early age to read their body language and to protect and respect his "sisters".  This was just instinctive for him.  He is so gentle and respectful that as I was training him I had to be much more gentle than with any of my other puppies.  He learned very quickly.  Trigger is a medium Golden.  He has a very full, slightly wavy, thick coat with beautiful feathering and a boxy head with nice, dark facial features.  As he has grown older he remains a pleaser and has become a beautiful gentleman of a dog!  He has proven to be wonderful sire.  He loves his job :).

Handsome Sire Trigger
Despite having several balls and sticks, Trigger's favorite thing seems to be his food bowl! #ivywes
Sweet Trigger 💙 #ivywestgoldens
Doggie flirting ;) Trigger and Sunny
I ❤ Trigger
2014-02-06 10.22.30
2015-05-07 12.32.31
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